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People often tell us that Thai food is just like Chinese, it's 'Oriental' - it comes from the same part of the world. Imagine saying such things about France and Germany! Or about the USA and Mexico. Although it is true that Thai food has some things in common with the cuisines of its neighbours, especially India, Malaysia and China, it is without doubt in a class of its own.

The secret of Thai cooking is the interplay between the spices and the main ingredients, achieving a delicate balance that enhances but does not diminish the taste of each. Presentation also is unique - delicate vegetable carvings, the correct juxtaposition of colours, and the pronounced aromas.

After your first experience with the food of Thailand it will become evident to you that this is a unique cuisine and not merely 'Oriental'. You will become hooked! Other foods will taste bland, without care or delicacy. At 'The Amarin Thai Restaurant, you will find well-known herbs originally imported from Thailand, for example, galangal, lemon grass, basil leaves, coriander and kafir lime leaf.

These herbs really give Thai dishes a remarkable taste: superior to other Eastern Asian dishes. Thai food is often thought to be very spicy and hot. This is not necessarily the case. We provide a range of Thai food, which can be cooked to your own personal taste and still maintain its originality - that is, not only the look and style but also the ingredients of each dish

Pad Thai

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